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    For the quality - conscious customer Moes Body Shop is the collision facility that will provide you with peace of mind. We offer many services that will  aid in the repairs of  your vehicle, putting it  back to pre-accident condition. 

    Moes Body Shop works with all insurance companies. We are a direct repair for several major insurance companies. We will explain the repair process and help you to make the best decision in what steps need to be made. We work directly with your insurance company to make a quick, high-quality, stress-free repair. Our goal is to make your experience as painless and hassle free as possible.

     Moes Body Shop has gone
GREEN with PPG Envirobase water borne paint. This exciting new water base paint has excellent adhesion and color matching capabilities
. Certified Moes Body Shop technicians will utilize a computerized paint mixing system to match the color of your vehicle. Our technicians use a Spraybake down draft paint booth to apply this new paint to your vehicle. Using a down draft paint booth to apply this amazing new paint will  produce a high gloss finish, speed up the refinish process and create a factory finish that will last a life time.



        Moes Body Shop uses Car-O-Liner  unibody and frame straightening equipment. There are a lot of shops that will pull a vehicle to make the sheet metal (parts) line up. This type of repair leaves the structural integrity compromised. Moes Body Shop trained technicians utilize down loaded data sheets that have factory measurements to the millimeter. These measurements allow the technician to repair the vehicle's inner structural components and put it back to factory specifications, leaving no guess work!!!  

    Resistant Welding

        We use Elektron resistant welding to assure that the structural repairs made to your vehicle are strong and factory replicated. Mig welding is the traditional welding process used in most shops today. Moes Body Shop still uses this process but also uses resistant welding. Resistant welding is used at the auto manufacturers when building your vehicle. During this process metal is squeezed by a robotic hand with two fingers and electricity is shot through those fingers. The electricity arcs and causes the metal to melt together, giving your vehicle the strength it had before the accident. This is a factory weld and a procedure used daily at Moes Body Shop.  


         We offer towing to all of our customers. Just give us a call  1-419-435-6297, 24 hours a day, and we will make all the necessary arrangements to get you taken care of. We have damage free medium duty and flatbed towing capabilities.

    Computerized Estimates 

        Moes Body Shop uses CCC One estimating system. The state of the art estimating system will  accurately calculate your damages and give you an exact report on how much the repairs to your vehicle will cost. The initial estimate is free of charge.

    Paintless Dent Repair

       Moes Body Shop has a trained technician in the art of paintless dent repair. Paintless dent repair is a process in which a dent can be removed from a panel without having to use body filler or paint to repair the spot. Paintless dent repair is limited to certain instances. The paint can not be damaged and must be accessible from the back side or the process will not work. This process saves the customer time in repairs and most important .... MONEY!!!

    Headlight Restoration

       Headlight lens restoration is the process of removing the haze, yellow, and faded look that happens to headlights over time due to age and sun exposure. The process will make your headlights look like new again for a fraction of what it would cost to replace them. It usually takes a technician about a hour to transform your old yellow and faded out headlight to a bright and new looking headlight!!!